IVD Aluminium

The IVD Technology was invented by McDonnell Douglas Corp in the sixties of the past century. The goal was an environmental friendly technology as substitution for Cadmium plating.

The Ion Vapor Deposition of Aluminium ( in short IVD Aluminium) is a vacuum plating process which is able to deposit pure aluminum on various substrates.

The coating is strongly corrosion inhibiting and shows these properties best when applicated to prevent contact or galvanic corrosion.

Due to its higher operating temperature, IVD Aluminium can be applied to Titanium which is a big advantage over cadmium plating.

Treatman Aluminium

The process can be used for creating EMV coatings for polymer cases. Due to our long term experience Aero-Coating GmbH was able to modify the process which now allows the IVD Aluminium coating of polymers even with somewhat high process temperatures.

The process includes pre and post processing steps with its main steps being cleaning, activating and densification by glass bead burnishing.

Depending on the particular requirements and application a conversation coating is applied to increase the corrosion protection characteristics of the coating even further.

Aero-Coating GmbH applies the traditional hexavalent Chromates and is also able to apply hexavalent Chromate free products.

Treatman Plastic


  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Very high corrosion protection for contact pairs of Aluminium, Titanium and steel.
  • High corrosion protection against atmospheric and galvanic corrosion
  • Maximum temperature in service: 430°C
  • Elektrical conductive


  • hexavalent Chromate free conversion coatings are available


  • Steel and high strength steel
  • Titanium and Aluminium alloys
  • Magnets
  • Glass, ceramics and polymers


Aerospace sector

  • high strength pins, bolts, nuts and rivets
  • Engine hangers
  • Structural parts from fuselage and wings  and landing gear components
  • Magnets
  • Hydraulic and fuel components


  • magnets and electrical shielding


  • accessories for cars and yards

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