Aero-Coating offers perfect protection solutions against contact and galvanic corrosion problems. Our state of the art products are long term approved in Aerospace applications with metallic and polymeric materials. Furthermore, our products find their way into the electronic applications.

We offer our high quality pure IVD Aluminum and aluminum pigmented coatings to customers from Europe and around the world. Our customers come from different industries such as aerospace, navel, electronic or medicine.
Aero-Coating GmbH understands itself as a service partner to reach the high demand for on-time delivery, on-quality and on price demands of the aerospace and other industrial sectors.

With its capabilities Aero-Coating GmbH is a reliable partner of maintenance or serial production coatings of some of the longest lasting and very successful aircraft programs. Futhermore Aero-Coating invested in environmental, health and safety equipment as well as into coating technology to be equipped for any future task.

We provide service solutions that include various up and downstream products around the coating applications. In addition we offer a wide range of pre and post process treatments. A packaging and logistic service significally simplifies the manufacturing routines of our clients.

Pins, bolts and nuts are not bound to a full surface coating. A special service allows the costumer to choose from a variety of partial component coatings such as threat or head only coating, paint marking for installation purposes and cetyl alcohol lubrication.