Environmental politics

Aero-Coating is dedicated to change its product line to environmental friendly products. From the beginning we offered IVD Aluminium as an alternative to Cadmium coatings. In the meanwhile we can offer hexavalent Chromate free conversion coatings, which another step for a cleaner sky. Nevertheless, the main part of Aluminium pigmented coatings moved over to hexavalent Chromate free paints and varnishes. The paint shop is more and more mowing to waterbased paints as long as available on the market to reduce the VOC. Where it is still not possible to reduce the VOC content of the products we change our application technology to reduce overspray and the use of solvents. Continuously we improved our cleaning operations to reduce emission and to change from solvent based to alkaline based methods on parts and on shop aids and masking.

The continuous growth in use of environmental friendly products and processes is part of the company’s politics.

Aero-Coating GmbH is certified for the DIN EN ISO 14001 management system to be aligned with all environmental legislations. The protection of the environment is to be steadily improved for the reason of protecting the environment and earth resources. This is objective of the company’s goals, the staff demands and the public.

The compliance with public legislations and governmental obligations are self-evident.
This leads to:

  • The environmental aspects of each process are analyzed and audited with the focus what the impact of those can have on the environment. Those objectives are broad to a steady improvement process to avoid and minimize any negative impact on the environment.
  • The base for the planning of new equipment is the state of the art of those technologies. New standards which are over the top of governmental requirements are proven if economically reasonable applied.
  • The emission of noise, air pollutant, waste and sewage water as well as the economical use of energy and water are monitored and if applicable reduced.
  • Staff of service companies, which are working on our premises, are well instructed to our environmental requirements and supervised
  • With customers, suppliers and the public authorities we follow an open dialogue about manufacturing and product related environmental aspects
  • The Contingency plan and all necessary risk mitigation actions are steadily improved and negotiated with public authorities
  • Under the control of the management system the environmental protection is steadily under control und improvement. The development of legislations is taken into account and the changes of the environmental aspects are adjusted and changed accordingly.

In the objective of the daily work each staff member contributes to the improvement of the environmental protection:

  • To meet internal and external environmental requirements,
  • To report shortcomings and / or situations of negative environmental impact
  • To realize ecological weaknesses in the processes and
  • To be committed to the implementation of necessary solutions.